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Maren Morris Celebrates Ryan Hurd’s Birthday With Dreamy Getaway

When the bones are good, the rest don’t matter. Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd‘s love story has all the makings of a great country song.

Morris and Hurd met during a writing session for Tim McGraw’s song “Last Turn Home” in 2013.

“[Ryan’s] always been a creative collaborator in my life, that’s how we met,” Morris told Us Weekly exclusively in March 2019. “We were paired together six years ago to write a song. We didn’t know each other and it just kind of grew from there, so music has always been really intertwined in our love for each other, and now that we aren’t just songwriters, we’re artists.”

The duo were friends for two years before their relationship turned romantic. Hurd detailed their love story in his 2017 song “Love in a Bar.”

“We were just friends, just hanging / Just sitting ’round waiting for somebody to cross the line,” he sings. “And we’ve been saying it with our eyes the whole time / That you have my whole heart.”

After dating for nearly two years, Hurd proposed to Morris in July 2017. Less than a year later, the couple wed.

“I’ve learned so much from Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman,” Morris told Us about dealing with the long-distance relationship. “They’ve got the two-week rule; he’s got his kids out on the road. They just make it look so normal and it makes me and Ryan feel like this could be normal as well. We do a pretty good job at constantly keeping in contact, lots of FaceTime. We have the same manager now, so she helps our calendars really coalesce well and that’s helped it a good bit. Especially now that we’re married, it’s a little bit more important to us to see each other. We try to have a good balance.”

Morris and Hurd became parents in March 2020.

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