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Machine Gun Kelly Puts Artists On Blast Who Use ‘Sadness’ As A Marketing Tactic

Machine Gun Kelly isn’t a fan of the new marketing style where celebrities use sadness and depression as a way of promoting new music. According to Hot New Hip Hop, there are artists out there who have played the sympathy card as a way of increasing their popularity or to sell albums, and MGK isn’t here for it.

During a new chat with Kerrang!, the rapper-turned-rocker touched on the idea of being an authentic artist in a sea of entertainers who often use emotional struggles as a way of getting attention for not only themselves but also for lining their pocketbooks.

Machine Gun Kelly said to the outlet that there are a lot of musicians who are “honestly annoying.” MGK claimed because crying for sympathy has become a commonplace tool for marketing and getting attention, he refuses to do it himself, even if he had the right to.

The actor says that it’s simply a ploy to go on Twitter and post about how sad they are as a way to “rack up the sympathy vote.” MGK went on to say that if he is sad, it would be better to show that there is value in resilience when faced with sadness.

Thus far, it’s not really clear who MGK is referring to specifically, however, it is certainly the case that entertainers are talking a lot more lately about their mental health, and it’s having the effect of getting increased views and attention.

These days, MGK doesn’t have a lot to cry about, at least from what can be seen from the exterior.

The Dirt alum is currently in a relationship with Megan Fox following her split from Brian Austin Green, and he just dropped a new record as well, Tickets to my Downfall.

Their relationship was revealed earlier in the year after they were spotted driving in the artist’s car together amid the quarantine lockdown. Not long after the reports came out, Megan was featured in his music video for “Bloody Valentine” which sparked headlines for a few days.