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Lindsay Lohan’s Fans Demand She Release ‘Xanax’ Now — ‘It’s A Hit, What Are You Waiting For?’

Lindsay Lohan has been slowly releasing new music and now her fans want her to release the single “Xanax.” Lindsay has released two studio albums over her career — Speak and A Little More Personal (Raw). Now, she’s released her new single “Back To Me” but it’s not the song that her fans want to hear. The song they are clamoring for is “Xanax” and they are asking her to put a video out.

Lindsay is promoting “Back To Me” on her social media platforms including her official Instagram account, where she has 8.6 million followers. “Back To Me” is Lindsay’s sixth single that she has released and it is believed that she is working on an album. At this point, there isn’t much information about the upcoming album available and there is no date suggested for when it may come out.

Lindsay shared the following photo where she asked her fans where they were streaming “Back To Me” from.

Even while promoting “Back To Me,” Lindsay’s fans are asking for her to release “Xanax.” One of Lindsay’s fans left this comment below asking Lindsay to release the song.

@lindsaylohan we both know it’s time for you to release Xanax. Stop playing with us I’ve had it on repeat for months!! 😫😫

Here is the lyric video that Lindsay Lohan shared on her official YouTube channel.

Ironically, Lindsay Lohan wasn’t the one to share the song “Xanax” on Youtube, but rather one of her fan accounts. If you were to ask her fans, many would say that she should have released “Xanax” before “Back To Me” and should at least put it on her YouTube. Fans have really praised the song that has lyrics such as the following.

I got social anxiety, but you’re like Xanax to me, yeah Social anxiety, when you kiss me, I can’t breathe, yeah

What do you think about Lindsay Lohan’s new music? Do you agree with those who believe Lindsay should release “Xanax?”

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