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Lil Wayne Shares A Message Following The Alleged Breakup With His GF

Lil Wayne shared a message after rumours about an alleged breakup with his GF popped up. Earlier today, we were reporting that Lil Wayne and his GF Denise Bidot‘s relationship might have come to an end.

The Shade Room is the one who noted that these two sparked breakup rumours after fans and followers saw one of her recent posts.

This comes right after Lil Wayne showed the whole world his support for Donald Trump.

After that, it seems that Denise posted the following cryptic message on her social media account, and after that, she deleted everything.

Check out the post that has been shared by TSR.

‘[Lil Wayne] wanted a meeting,’ Trump told reporters on Oct. 30. ‘He’s a really nice guy. Really an activist in a very positive way. And he asked for a meeting, and we had the meeting. And, as you saw, the meeting went very well,’ he continued.

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Now, Lil Wayne dropped a message on Twitter and fans are convinced that he’s talking about the recent events.

Someone said: ‘Lmao, in other words, ima still support Trump even after she leaves 😭’ and another follower posted this message: ‘No one knows what it means! It’s provocative! It gets the people going! 🔥😂.’

A commenter said: ‘Trump supporters are afraid of a changing America, But change is inevitable,’ and someone else posted this: ‘He hit her with a Lil poetry, a dab of Shakespeare and ended it like a hot boy! 500 degrees.’

One other follower said: ‘she left him cause he supports Trump💀I don’t blame ya girl.’

A commenter posted this: ‘@liltunechi bro whats up man. Talk to us and let us know wtf you thinking bro. I can’t cancel my favourite rapper. 😭 I just can’t, but I can’t allow this nonsense to continue either.’

What do you think about the rapper’s message?

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