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Lil TJay Spotted With One Of Rubi Rose’s Best Friends Following Their Summertime Fallout – Rubi Says Karma Will Take Care Of It

Just a few months back, Lil Tjay turned 19-years-old and he decided to party with Rubi Rose, a rapper and model from Atlanta, Georgia. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that everything was working well between them until something happened.

While it’s not entirely clear what went down between Tjay and Rubi, what is known is that sometime during their hang out, Tjay chose not to pay for her ride back home. Reportedly, Rubi came out in the aftermath and said she didn’t want to spend her own money to fly back to Atlanta.

Tjay wrote on his account that Rubi went to his house but when she found out he was texting another girl on his phone, she got mad and then called the cops on him. Tjay said in his post that there was no need to call the police, and he wouldn’t accept her doing that to him.

And it appears as though Tjay isn’t finished getting back at her either. They reunited in July, but since then, he has been posting pictures of himself hanging out with Rubi’s best friend, Lala Baptiste.

Rubi responded by claiming, “let’s talk about backstabbing friends,” and then went on to say she was going to let karma do its thing rather than antagonize the situation.

In other news related to TJay, it was reported that Jordyn Woods took to her social media to say she had been included in one of the rapper’s videos alongside Pop Smoke. Most people were happy with the news, but others were not.

For instance, one person argued Jordyn was the perfect person to include in the music video, before going on to say that Woods should’ve been on WAP instead of Kylie Jenner. Another user argued that she was pleased to see Woods wasn’t in the video because it was talking about women’s genitalia, and according to the commentator, that’s beneath Jordyn.

While Kylie Jenner’s appearence in the video wasn’t liked by everyone, however, some users argued that it was her cameo that led to the vast majority of the views.