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Lil Nas X Says He’s Dating ‘Someone New’ And Is Interested In Going ‘Steady’

The Love and Hip Hop star, Bobby Lytes, has been trying to get with the rapper, Lil Nas X, ever since he revealed he was gay. Hot New Hip Hop says that every time a publication touches on his sexuality, Bobby Lytes can be seen in the comment section asking for his love and wondering when they can go out on a date.

While Bobby did everything he could to get with Lil Nas X, the reality star may have to mend his broken heart because Lil Nas X did an interview with CR Men where he revealed he was dating someone at the moment.

Following Lil Nas X’s revelation that he was gay, Lil Nas X has stayed relatively silent on his love life, at least until now. The star said to the outlet, “I’m dating someone now,” before going on to say that he has been doing so for the last few months.

However, it’s been intermittent, so Lil Nas X claims he and the anonymous man are going to try and go steady this time. There’s a reason why the rapper has chosen to keep the men he’s seeing out of the headlines. The “Old Town Road” rapper claims tabloids are always getting ahead of themselves.

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Anytime he posts a picture with someone else in the photo, they always assume he’s dating that person. Lil Nas X joked that one time he was sitting with his brother, and an outlet reported the very next day that he was sitting with his boyfriend to celebrate 17 weeks at number one.

Regarding what Bobby Lytes had to say, the reality star took to his social media to say he was secretly the man that Lil Nas X was talking about, which he has been trying to tell people the entire time. The Shade Room picked up on the comment which read, “I been told y’all we’ve been dating.”

As for what Lil Nas X has been up to lately, Lil Nas X says his upcoming debut record is “98% finished.” He announced the news on his Twitter account.