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Lashana Lynch Comments On ‘Backlash’ Over Being Cast As First Black Female 007

It’s clear that Lashana Lynch isn’t taking things too personally these days, a report from Page Six suggested today. Lynch, a black, British actress, who was recently cast as 007, reportedly side-stepped mean remarks when her iconic role was revealed.

During a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar United Kingdom, the 32-year-old actress claimed the criticism would’ve been the same for any other black woman. In other words, Lynch suggested it wouldn’t matter which black woman got the role; it has nothing to do with her.

Lynch says that she is “one black woman,” and if it were any other, it would’ve been the “same conversation.” Lynch went on to say that she’s reminding herself of something that will be tremendously “revolutionary,” and that’s the important thing to understand.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Lynch dealt with the backlash on social media by staying away from it for seven days and just hanging out with her family and meditating. Lynch reportedly has been announced as the new replacement for 007 in No Time To Die, the latest James Bond flick starring Daniel Craig.

As it was previously reported, Craig recently came out to say that No Time To Die would be the last time he would star as the iconic character. Lynch says she was very “grateful” to be given the opportunity to challenge social norms.

According to Lynch, the culture is slowly moving away from “toxic masculinity,” and it’s because women such as her and others are fighting back against harmful narratives and norms, and they’re speaking out against transgressions when they see them.

Back in February, Lynch, who has Jamaican ancestry, said it was “an honor” to be the first Jamaican actress to star as 007. Previously, she was in the pilot as a single mother in Captain Marvel.

Followers of the James Bond franchise know it has been marred by casting controversy before. For instance, social media users began calling for Idris Elba to be cast as the next James Bond, and while rumors existed that he would be 007 in the follow-up, it turned out to be untrue.