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Larry King’s Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Files For Spousal Support – She Wants Over $30,000 Per Month

Larry King may have to pay a lot of money to his soon-to-be ex-wife. Page Six reported today that Shawn Southwick King, Larry’s estranged partner, is looking to receive $33,100 in monthly spousal support amid their divorce.

People Magazine reported that the 60-year-old hopes to receive the money in the future, but also from the point when Larry King first filed for divorce back in August 2019. The outlet quoted court documents filed on Friday in an LA court.

In the papers, King appeared to explain why she was asking for a lot of money from her ex-husband, explaining how she put her career on told when she married him so she could focus on their children together while Larry worked as a broadcaster.

In other words, King argued that she sacrificed her career to work as a “stay-at-home mother.” Currently, King and Southwick have two children, including the 20-year-old, Chance, and Cannon, 19.

Southwick says she depends on King for money because she stopped working to raise their children. The legendary broadcaster has obviously had a tough year in 2020, following reports that two of his children had died approximately two weeks within each other.

The 51-year-old, Chaia, died from lung cancer on the 20th of August, while Andy, 65, died from a heart attack on the 28th of July. On his Facebook account, King wrote that both of his children were “good and kind souls” and they would be missed.

In March 2019, King endured a stroke that nearly took his life, and he says that he wasn’t supposed to live. Everyone told him he wouldn’t make it, but he did. According to Page Six, King‘s split with Southwick didn’t cause any heartbreak among his family.

Sources claimed that King’s friends and family were thrilled to hear they split up because they assumed she had been cheating on him ever since they got married in 2016. While King has been on top of his game for years, the broadcasting icon’s personal life has been tumultuous, including multiple marriages and divorces.