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KUWTK: Inside Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Marriage Following His Rants – Here’s Where They Stand!

Amid Kanye West’s many controversial rants on Twitter, it’s safe to say that his marriage with Kim Kardashian has had to suffer at least a bit. Regardless, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians celeb still loves her husband a lot, which is why she’s shown him nothing but support publicly, even though she does not agree with him on many of the issues he’s brought into the discussion.

Now, one insider claims to know the status of the two celebs’ marriage, saying that despite this rough patch, Kim and Kanye will ‘continue to support one another and work on their marriage.’

They are obviously both very busy people but the source tells ET that ‘The couple still makes time for one another when they can, but they aren’t strangers to spending periods of time apart because they’re both so busy. Couples go through up and downs but Kim and Kanye have love for one another that others can’t always see.’

Fans might be happy to hear this since back in July when Kanye held a rally as part of his presidential campaign, he shared some deeply personal details about Kim almost aborting North when she was pregnant with her to make his political stance on abortion very clear.

Not only that but then, later on, he revealed some marital issues as well via social media, telling his followers that he seriously considered divorcing Kim.

Given the fact that Kanye is struggling with bipolar disorder and has such outbursts from time to time, Kim has been nothing if not understanding.

Later on, Kanye made sure to release a public apology to his wife.

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Then, the two of them and their kids went on vacation and that seems to have helped a lot!

‘Kim and Kanye have put a lot on hold professionally to be together with their family. They spent time out of the country and are back in the States but still on vacation. Kim and Kanye love one another and they want to save their marriage. The couple’s had time to spend with their children as well as discuss their future without anyone else getting involved. They just need some time off the grid until they have things figured out,’ the insider dished.