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Kirk Frost Is Celebrating The Birthday Of His Younger Brother – Check Out The Photos He Shared

Kirk Frost is celebrating the birthday of his younger brother. In order to mark the event, he shared a post including more pics on his social media account. Check out his message below.

‘Happy birthday to my Younger brother @kevfrost117 🤣 the team knows you are the big homie though wishing you many more & blessings #freedom #harlemnyc #117st #kevfrost,’ Kirk captioned his post.

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Someone said: ‘Dope picture 🔥 Happy birthday king,’ and a commenter said: ‘We SHARE the same Birthday, 12/08 Ohhhhhh he is special. Happy Birthday 🎉’

The men’s dad hopped in the comments and posted this message: ‘Happy birthday son wish you many more blessings.’

Other than this, Kirk also made sure to share a video featuring his gorgeous wife, Rasheeda Frost. Thee two will be celebrating their anniversary soon, and Kirk wanted to mark their love publicly via the following video.

‘Our anniversary is almost here December 20th it will be 21 years we’ve been married @rasheeda 🥰🥰😍❤️’ he captioned the post.

In other recent news, Rasheeda Frost shared a video where she’s together with her friends and Kirk Frost as well.

This was filmed during the game the other day, and all the people seem to be having the best time there.

Fans and followers hopped in the comments and criticized the gang for not wearing masks and for ignoring the pandemic.

‘Falcon Vs Saints game!!!! #sunday #funday wit da fam!’ Rasheeda captioned her post.

Rasheeda is living her best life with her hubby Kirk and their kids. Fans are really happy to see the couple doing great these days.

Haters criticized Rasheeda for getting back together with him, but diehard fans are thrilled for the family.