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Kim Kardashian introduced a line of chiffon underwear

Recently, in the life of Kim Kardashian , there have been more and more amazing moments in which she can be a gentle and beautiful girl. An affair with Pete Davidson taught the star tenderness because the star changed her dark curls to platinum blond, and losing weight added to her even more fragility. The New Skims lingerie collection, woven from airy chiffon, literally screams about it. And although the brand was primarily valued for its versatility and basic corrective effect, now the star has decided to awaken a little imagination in customers. However, Kim remained true to the laconic and sophisticated silhouettes in charming black or angelic white. The high waist, thin strings, lack of cups, and unobtrusive draping are a nod to the past of boudoir toilets from the Victorian era. The star boasted of her new forms against the backdrop of pearl silk as if wrapped around her in the photo. At 41, Kardashian makes it clear that everything is just beginning. In a previous post, Some believe that getting married is necessary once and for life. Others are looking for love until the end of their days and are ready to go to the altar again and again. It seems that the three-time married Kim Kardashian belongs to the latter category of people. She is currently going through a tumultuous divorce from rapper Kanye West. Prior to this, the businesswoman was also married to music producer Damon Thomas and professional basketball player Chris Humphreys.

“I just thought: “Damn it, I’m 30 years old, I better pull myself together. I better get married,” Kardashian later admitted hosting Andy Cohen. “I think many girls go through this when they go crazy thinking they’re getting old and realize all their friends have kids. So it was more like that situation.”

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