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Kim Kardashian Begs The President To Commute Death Row Inmate Brandon Bernard

Kim Kardashian is continuing to fight for the causes she believes in. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Kim Kardashian has set her sights on a new inmate, Brandon Bernard, who’s currently on death row for what the reality star believes is unfair.

Hot New Hip Hop says Kim has tried to commute his sentence a few times to no avail, so she took to her Twitter account instead where she asked for the president to do something about it before Mr. Bernard passed away.

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As it was previously reported in April of 2019, Kim shared how she intended on taking the bar exam so she could become a lawyer. The reality star claimed that in 2018, she registered with the California State Bar to study law, and for the following 4 years, she was going to study and work on her career as a lawyer.

Kim went on to say that she would take written multiple-choice tests on a monthly basis. Ever since then, it’s been reported that Kim has helped to free 17 drug offenders. The case of Brandon Bernard, on the other hand, has been described as a more difficult case and it’s not related to drugs either.

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You can check out what Kim had to say about Brandon’s difficult situation with the US legal system below:

According to her tweets, Brandon participated in a terrible crime where a car holding two men was set on fire. The accused reportedly believed that the people inside were dead, but one of them was not. Hot New Hip Hop says Kim alleged that a life behind bars was a more fair sentence than the death penalty.

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Kim even reached out to the president of the United States, Donald Trump, which she has done before in the past. As it was previously reported, Kim spoke with the president about Alice Marie Johnson, who is perhaps the most famous example of Kim’s work in criminal justice reform.

Kim wrote that she was “crying all morning,” because Bernard was going to be executed not long after her tweet.