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Kid Cudi Says He Disagrees Fundamentally With Kanye West On Donald Trump

Kid Cudi had a role in We Are Who We Are in which he portrayed a Trump supporter, but the artist says it’s not at all who he is in real life. During a new interview with Esquire, Kid Cudi described his relationship with Kanye West as a brotherhood, however, he doesn’t agree with him on the political situation of the United States.

Fans of Kanye know he is currently trying to get into the Oval Office as the president of the United States. Additionally, he has come out as a Trump supporter, which led to a significant amount of backlash. The rapper has also worn a MAGA hat on a number of occasions, even going to the White House to speak with Trump at one point.

Complex reported on a new interview with Esquire in which Kid Cudi spoke with journalists about his role as a Trump supporter. Kid Cudi admitted he didn’t want people to associate his new character with Kanye West.

According to Kudi, he was concerned people would look at his new role on the show and think that Kanye “had got to him.” Kid Cudi went on to say that he and Kanye disagree fundamentally about Trump, and it doesn’t even need to be said.

Kanye is his “brother,” but they certainly don’t agree on everything at the end of the day. West certainly has a lot of friends in high places, and during his latest social media tirade – which many media outlets described as a “breakdown” – a few of his celebrity friends went to visit him out in Wyoming to see how he was doing, including Dave Chappelle, Dame Dash, as well as Justin Bieber.

Kid Cudi has other friends in the business, as well, including Travis Scott. Earlier this year, it was reported that Travis and Kid Cudi were going to work together on a new project called “THE SCOTTS.”

Kid Cudi and Kanye, on the other hand, have worked on a number of projects over the years, including KIDS SEE GHOSTS which came out not long before Kanye’s second last record, Ye.