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Keke Palmer Opens Up About Her Acne: ‘My Skin Has Made Me Sad Many Nights’

Adult acne is normal — even if you’re a celebrity! And like Us, stars have a steady supply of pimple patches and acne-targeting treatments in their vanities.

Over the years, we’ve seen more and more celebs normalizing their skin struggles on social media. That includes big-name influencers like Ingrid Nilsen, supermodels like Taylor Hill and Hollywood actors like Dakota Fanning. After all, everyone’s prone to breakouts.

As much as we love seeing our favorite A-listers rocking a full face beat, it’s much more exciting to see them sporting a dotted face full of pimple cream (looking at you Mindy Kaling). False lashes and a sharp contour isn’t exactly out of the ordinary for the stars, but an inside look at their skincare struggle sure is.

One of the most recent social media posts we’re obsessing over is Bachelor alum Caila Quinn’s acne-positive message to her Instagram followers. The 29-year-old broke up her stunning highlight reel by sharing an unedited, makeup-free selfie, “as a little reminder that it’s normal for adults to have acne too.”

She continued, “Your skin is a living organ that sometimes throws temper tantrums, but we just have to be patient & take care of it. Coming back to NYC, my skin always reacts differently to the air. But with blemishes or blemish-free, true beauty is in your ability to be vulnerable.”

Fans are always overwhelmingly supportive when stars ditch the glam and go makeup-free. When Victoria’s Secret model Hill snapped a selfie of her real skin (pimples and all!) in 2018, followers flocked to the comments section with positive messages. “Beautiful! I have skin issues and this makes me feel so much confident with myself,” one fan wrote. “ Love u Taylor!”

Keep scrolling to see these stars and more who’ve been open and honest about their adult acne! Plus, find out what acne-clearing skincare products they swear by.

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