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Keke Palmer Looks To Tyler Perry For Inspiration – She Responds To The Backlash

Keke Palmer is a big fan of Tyler Perry, even though many of her followers think she shouldn’t be. It’s certainly the case that Perry is a great example of someone starting from the bottom and working their way up to the top.

The filmmaker and entrepreneur started out poor, abused by his family, homeless; all while he struggled to make a name for himself and foster a career in the entertainment industry. These days, Perry is a renowned filmmaker, actor, writer, and producer. More importantly, reports claim he’s a billionaire as well.

Perry has also contributed a lot to philanthropic causes and charities around the world. The star has been praised for setting the blueprint for success, especially for those who come from a background that doesn’t conform to mainstream narratives.

In recent news, Keke Palmer shouted out to Tyler on Twitter and claimed his story was incredibly inspirational. The star said she wanted to mirror his own strategy for success, however, a lot of people weren’t happy with her remarks, for whatever reason.

The entertainer wrote that she wanted to be like Perry when she grows up because he’s like the “modern Walt Disney.” Rather than bow down to the social media pressure from some of her haters, Keke doubled down on her support and admiration of the iconic filmmaker.

Some social media users suggested Perry had been impersonating black women, building an entire career off of it, and without giving black women any credit. Keke said in response that it was impossible to please everyone, and more importantly, it’s impossible to like every single thing about someone.

Palmer said it wasn’t necessary to “throw out the baby with the bathwater.” She says it’s possible to like something that someone has done but not other parts of their career or their personality. Obviously, Keke has a point.

Some took her remarks as a criticism of what’s called, “cancel culture,” in general, where journalists and social media users try and end people’s careers by shaming them on the internet and attacking the way they make money.