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Katy Perry Says People Are Wrong When They Claim Being A Mother Isn’t A ‘Full-Time Job’

Katy Perry is coming to bat for all the mothers out there ever since she and Orlando Bloom gave birth to their first child, Daisy Dove, just four weeks ago. Perry took to her social media this week to reveal how life-changing motherhood has been for her thus far.

The star admitted she had a newly discovered appreciation for all of the women and caregivers of the world. The American Idol judge wrote a special message for women on her account which you can see below:

Perry went on to explain all of the different ways in which a mother takes care of their child, including sleepless nights, diaper changes, as well as feeding. The singer-songwriter also called attention to women who have managed to balance a career with taking care of their kids.

Furthermore, the singer argued that many people don’t understand that maternity leave is like another full-time job, thus, it’s not like women who go back to work were just on vacation.

Put simply, the point of Katy’s post, it seems, is for people to appreciate the hard work mothers put into taking care of their kids. Perry told her fans to call their mothers and tell them how much they love and appreciate them.

The star also wanted to make it abundantly clear she wasn’t complaining about being a mom either. She wrote, “I love my job.” As it was noted above, Perry and Orlando Bloom, her fiancé, currently share their first child, Daisy. She gave birth to Daisy on the 27th of August.

While things appear to be going great for Katy and her fiancé, including the birth of their first daughter, the star was in the headlines earlier this month after a man threatened the pop star and her family.

As it was previously reported, a man named William Terry, said he wanted to break Orlando Bloom’s neck. In their submitted court documents which laid the foundation for the restraining order, Katy said she and her family were scared for their lives. At the start of September, the man also hopped over their fence.