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Katie Holmes’ Romance With Emilio Vitolo Jr. Reportedly Making Her ‘Feel Young Again’ – Inside Their Relationship!

It seems like Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr.’s romance is going great and now, one insider report claims to know some details about it! Apparently, the actress feels ‘young again’ by dating him and like she can truly ‘let loose a little more’ in their relationship!

As fans know, this all started as a summer romance but as time goes by, it appears that things are getting more and more serious between Katie Holmes and her new boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr.

The two have been caught on camera by the paparazzi packing the PDA a number of times, proving that they just can’t keep away from each other!

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that the actress is really enjoying this romance and that Emilio makes Katie feel young once more.

‘The relationship they have reminds her of the relationship she had with Chris Klein. That was a relationship that was filled with love and was very easy. Distance and her time with Dawson’s Creek ultimately ended that, but there was a great foundation that she has admired [ever] since [and] that she has taken into her other relationships — what she likes at the end of the day in a relationship,’ the same insider went on to dish.

The source shared some details about Katie’s new man as well, describing him as someone who is just really down to earth, funny, and not ‘this big movie star.’

Therefore, from Katie Holmes’ point of view, ‘all that extra stuff – not baggage, but just that extra layer of being a Hollywood celebrity – doesn’t come into this relationship as it did with Tom [Cruise] and Jamie [Foxx]. [She] feels that she can let loose a little more. So she really likes that she can hold hands, make out and just be herself with Emilio. That is what is making her smitten and happy with the situation.’