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Karamo Brown And Ian Jordan Are Officially No Longer Engaged

Karamo Brown and Ian Jordan aren’t a couple anymore, Just Jared revealed this week. The 37-year-old actor stopped by the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, the 25th of September, where the Queer Eye star revealed the bummer news.

Karamo said to the daytime television show host that he and the 48-year-old director had initially split up during the summer months after rescheduling their wedding. The wedding was “postponed officially,” Brown began, before going on to say that he and his fiancé had split three and a half months ago.

The Queer Eye star said he and Ian reflected on how their relationship was doing, and they both asked, “how is our communication?” They were distracted by their kids and their careers and their romance suffered because of it.

Karamo claimed he and Ian aren’t 20-years-old anymore, so it wasn’t just as simple as no longer sending text messages to each other. They have a family and a place to live, so it was challenging to figure out how to go about separating from there.

They went to counseling and did many other things, but eventually, there was a moment where they questioned if their happiness was more important. Luckily, there was no infidelity on either of their parts, and their split was more amicable than the average relationship.

“It’s very nice,” Brown added, saying again, “yeah, no more wedding.” As it was previously reported, Brown asked Ian to marry him two years ago while in Los Angeles’ Hyde Sunset. They were together for eight years at that time.

Ellen, on the other hand, just came back to the set of her incredibly popular daytime series amid allegations of workplace misconduct. Former staffers had a series of complaints to make about The Ellen DeGeneres Show which saw Ellen coming under fire as well.

Amid her monologue, Ellen made a number of sarcastic jokes while also apologizing for what allegedly happened on set. Previously, the host suggested that through the delegation of various tasks on her show, she was no longer able to manage her team as closely as she should’ve been.