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Kanye West Is Praying For Armenia, Breonna Taylor’s Family And More

Kanye West posted a payer on social media asking divinity for love and help. Check out the emotional message that he posted on his Twitter account.

A follower said: ‘Instead, pray for the poor people! Pray for the coronavirus to be finished. Don’t pray for Armenia because they had previously invaded Azerbaijan and that region was Azerbaijan, but now they have recaptured it a little. anyway. Pray for the war to end Pray for justice Kanye, you can.’

Someone else said: ‘Breonna Taylor are u kidding me ? You are helping Trump to power and he has literally said he is behind the policemen not Breonna.. how dare u invoke Jesus’ name.’

One commenter said: ‘There is power in prayer, there is power in the name of JESUS 🙏🏽 . Stay focus because the lord is coming back soon for his church don’t go to sleep without giving your life to Jesus Christ, tomorrow is not promised. HEAVEN AND HELL IS REAL AND FOR ETERNITY God bless and guard the person reading this 🙌🏻✨’

One follower posted this message: ‘Amen he got a good heart and he’s widely misunderstood.

In other news, amidst Kanye West’s many controversial rants on Twitter, it’s safe to say that his marriage with Kim Kardashian has had to suffer at least a bit.

Regardless, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians celeb still loves her husband a lot, which is why she’s shown him nothing but support publicly.

These two may be able to work things out, after all, fans are rooting for them that’s for sure.