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Kandi Burruss Drops A New Episode Of Trending Topics On Her YouTube Channel – See It Here

Kandi Burruss made fans happy with a new video that she shared on her YouTube account. This is from a popular series of hers called Trending Topics. Check it out below.

‘I got @jazmine to talk about #trendingtopics with me & it’s hilarious! Check it out on my Youtube #KandiOnline’ Kandi posted on Instagram.

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A follower said: ‘Just watched. You trying to do that body ody was hilarious 😂’, and someone else said: ‘I love watching u try to dance lol that’s how I look too 🤷🏾‍♀️😂.’

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Someone else said: ‘OK, I’m dying! LOL Love you, @kandi !!! Always keeping it real! LOL❤️❤️’ and one other follower posted this message: ‘Need an OLG tick tock!! Ain’t no mountain high enough with Mamma Joyce on a lead!!’

A follower said: ‘So Kandi. Are u getting the test through your nose? That’s a lot if you’re doing it 3-4 times per week. I work 2 jobs; both Healthcare and I just pray that you all keep safe. Also, I love your videos. They help me during my downtime. Stay blessed Hunny. 😘’

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A commenter posted this on YouTube: ‘I love it like I love every video you’ve ever done!!! And I always will like you always keep me laughing and smiling, and I will ALWAYS AND FOREVER love you!!! Like you mean the world to me and words can’t even describe how much I love and care about you!!! like you and me girl!!! And I love how much you love others and I will always be here for you and rooting for you!!! I feel like your family, and I feel really close to you!!! And your a wonderful, gorgeous, successful, and inspiring person!!! And I really wanna meet you one day!’

In other recent news, Kandi Burruss shared some pics on her social media account in which she looks jaw-dropping.

She also made sure to offer her fans and followers her gratitude for all the love that she is getting.