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K Michelle Is Working With Dolly Parton And Billy Ray Cyrus For Country Album

K. Michelle revealed years ago that she’s wanted to change her sound but her label put her into one box — R&B. The soulful singer is finally about to crossover into the country genre and she’s getting help from some big names.

K. Michelle took to Instagram to reveal that none other than the queen of country — Dolly Parton — wrote her a song!

As if that’s not exciting enough, she was recently on Facetime with Billy Ray Cyrus and shared the video with her followers.

Michelle is from the south, has one of the most soulful voices in the industry, and has a bit of a twang to her. However, Black people, especially Black women, aren’t often accepted in the country music community.

She is determined to change the industry by crossing over. Although she does find Lil Nas X’s blowup inspiring, she made it clear that he wasn’t the only reason she wanted to do this.

‘I do respect country music’s stance on some things, which we should take the same stance on in our music and R&B. We just let anybody in. Anybody can rap. Country is not going to play with you like that. You’re going to pay your dues. You’re going to know how to write. You’re going to know how to sing. It’s something that I’ve done forever. When it came down to the Lil Nas X record…I agreed [with country music]. You had half racist people, but you also had people who just didn’t want their genre to change into an 808 in the back of country. That’s not country music,’ she explained on the Yes, Girl! podcast.

The reality star explained that she plans to stay true to the genre and put her heart and soul into her new country album.

Will you listen to it?