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Jessica Alba Says She Was Told Not To Make Eye Contact With Cast Of Beverly Hills 90210

During Jessica Alba‘s appearence on Hot Ones this week, Alba talked about her experiences working on the set of Beverly Hills, 90210, in the 1990s. Page Six picked up on the episode of the popular YouTube series in which Jessica said she was told not to make eye contact with cast members of the program.

Speaking with the host of the series, Sean Evans, Jessica explained how she was told not to “make eye contact with” the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210, which to her, was incredibly bizarre because she had to do a scene with them.

According to Page Six, the 38-year-old appeared in the 8th season of Beverly Hills, 90210, as a pregnant teenager who walked into a clinic where Jennie Garth, who portrayed Kelly Taylor, was working. Alba says she was told to explicitly not make eye contact with the cast otherwise they would be fired.

As most know, this wouldn’t be the first time that a no-eye-contact rule has been reported on in the news. Earlier this year, Ellen DeGeneres found herself being excoriated by the media following a report from BuzzFeed and other outlets about the supposed “toxicity” on her set.

Ellen had been accused of implementing a number of strange rules, including having to chew gum from a bowl before going into her office to speak with her. Moreover, one of Ellen’s executives reportedly told an Australian producer not to look at Ellen during her stop at the Australian version of Today.

It’s no coincidence that the allegations of abuse from former staff members come at a time when systemic injustice has been discussed repeatedly in the entertainment industry and in the general media.

DeGeneres addressed the controversy again during her premiere episode back in September. While she did apologize, ex-staff members were reportedly upset that she made a number of sarcastic jokes about the incident.

Furthermore, a former employee said it was amazing the way Ellen managed to turn it around and make it about her instead. Regardless, Ellen’s premiere this year was a big win in the ratings.