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Is Taylor Swift Dropping A Third Quarantine Album — Woodvale For A Trilogy With Evermore And Folklore?

Is Taylor Swift dropping a third, quarantine album called Woodvale that would form a trilogy with Evermore and Folklore? Back in July, Taylor released the album Folklore and fans were on the hunt, gathering all the Easter eggs they could collect. Now, five months later, Taylor dropped a sister album Evermore and once again, fans began looking for Easter eggs. Fans began scouring album art from Folklore and noticed the world “Woodvale” was hidden in the photo.

Now, many are now convinced that Woodvale will be the name of a third, surprise quarantine album that will form a trilogy. Folklore, Evermore, and Woodvale, certainly sound like names in a trilogy, and fans are convinced. How long it would take Taylor to drop the album Woodvale remains to be seen, but since it only took five months from Folklore to Evermore, many are guessing she will release a new album come spring.

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You may see a photo of Taylor Swift‘s Folklore album art that contains the hidden word “Woodvale” below.

Source: Taylor Swift

Here is a close-up view of the word “Woodvale” as it appears on the album art.

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Source: Taylor Swift

Additionally, Woodvale is the name of an estate in the U.K. located near the Lake District. Not only do fans think Woodvale will be the name of the album, but she mentioned the region in her song “The Lakes” from her album Folklore.

It’s unclear if she chose to hide the word “Woodvale” in the photo solely as a reference to the estate and The Lakes or if it really is indicative of a third album that would form a trilogy with Folklore and Evermore.

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There are multiple threads on social media where they are discussing Woodvale as being the name of a third, upcoming album. You may see one of those threads below.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift’s? Have you listened to Folklore and Evermore?

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