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Hunter Biden Under Investigation—Subpoena Demanding Answers Issued

Hunter Biden has some explaining to do.

In a subpoena issued to Hunter Biden, documents were requested containing information that is related to an estimated more than two dozen entities, one of which is the infamous Burisma, a Ukrainian based gas company.

This content of the subpoenas was made available by an individual familiar with the current Justice Department tax investigation of Hunter Biden, son to President-elect Joe Biden.

The subpoena, issued on Tuesday, is reported to have a breadth that underscores the somewhat wide-angle lens that prosecutors are currently taking in their ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden’s international business ventures and finances.

Investigation and rumors of inappropriate actions on Hunter Biden’s part loomed like a shadow over hit father, president-elect of the United States, throughout his presidential campaign.

It is still unknown if the younger Biden’s involvement and ties to Burisma are being scrutinized or if prosecutors are trying to tie together any and all information about Hunter’s income over recent years.

George Mesires, one of the lawyers representing Biden, did not choose to return a phone call when asked if they would like to comment on the leaked information about the subpoenas. When a spokesperson for the president-elect Biden’s transition team was asked the same question, they also declined to comment.

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden spoke out and confirmed that his taxes were currently under federal investigation. This announcement puts his father up against some soon to be tough times, as he continues to build out his cabinet, a member of which will include the nominee to run the Justice Department—the same wing of the government that will be in charge of the overseeing of any investigation of his son, Hunter.

Hunter’s ties to and dealings with Burisma, as well as his taxes, are not the only issues currently under the microscope. The subpoena served last week also intends to take a look at Hunter Biden and his business dealing with the Chinese and other transactions of a financial nature.

Hunter Biden made the comment that he only learned Tuesday that the investigation was in progress. ��With that said, it is not currently believed that the president-elect, Joe Biden, was included in the investigation. When asked Friday if there was any merit to the investigation, he replied that he was “proud of my son.”

Will the investigation prove to bring about the downfall of the Biden family when all is revealed?