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How Dad David Foster Influences Sara and Erin‘s Style Choices

Sara and Erin Foster

All in the family! Growing up, sisters Sara and Erin Foster argued about who their parents’ most-loved child was, but now they’re finally able to settle the competition.

Thanks to their Favorite Daughter by Joe’s capsule collection filled with flattering denim, staple pieces and a cashmere sweater with the famous ‘Favorite Daughter’ slogan embroidered on it, they can both earn (and wear) the title.

“We are incredibly specific with the clothes we wear and truly designed the clothes as the pieces we wish we had, but didn’t,” Sara tells Stylish exclusively.

“For instance, I have never been able to find a high-rise white jean that doesn’t show my cellulite. I have never been able to find a cargo pant that covers my belly button and I have never found a denim shirt with the perfect light wash and softness, so, we made them,” she continues.

And it’s a good thing they did, since the pair pride themselves on being chic, classic and comfortable dressers.

Erin Taylor Foster, David Foster, Sara Foster Barely Famous

“I’ve learned to simplify my wardrobe and wear clean lines and muted colors,” Erin says. “I like to match a lot now and dress in a more timeless way than chasing trends I will be embarrassed by two years from that time.”

“Comfort is everything to me,” Sara explains. “If I have a great pair of jeans, but they are a pain to get on, I just won’t wear them. If I have a cute top, but it’s a bit itchy, it will rot in my closet.”

While the duo looks to each other more than their dad David Foster, 70, when it comes to style advice, he does seem to provide inspiration for their put-together, yet laidback looks.

“My dad has great style today, but all my memories of him were in beat up t-shirts and shorts with holes in them. He is very low key and simple. I guess when you’re that talented you can wear shorts with holes in them to Spago,” she jokes.

“I used to go to dinners or business meetings in flip flops, sweats and a hoodie and as much as that is what I am happy in, I do believe you have to make a bit more effort. … My sloppy days are behind me,” she adds.

Sara and Erin Foster

As for Erin? The same sentiment applies. “My dad tells me to stop wearing sweats out in the world. … I tell him no jewelry and no leather loafers without socks.”

Whether they’re taking the Grammy award winning producer’s effortless approach or going full-on glam, the sisters’ main rule when it comes to fashion is to mix and match high and low pieces.

“I’m a great budget shopper,” Sara says. “You don’t need to spend a lot of money to be put together.“

“You have to dress like yourself,” Erin explains. “Sara tells me all the time that I manage to make a cheap outfit work. I don’t spend money on clothes, but she also tells me I look terrible all the time,” she teases.