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Harvey Weinstein Won’t Appear In Los Angeles For His Next Rape Case Until April

Harvey Weinstein is up on more charges related to the allegations of sexual assault and harassment, a new report from Page Six said today. It’s old news that Weinstein has been charged with more crimes outside of New York City.

But it was revealed today that Harvey appeared in an upstate courtroom on Friday via a video call for his hearing in LA. The criminal justice system is currently in the middle of an extradition hearing regarding his alleged sex crimes in LA.

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Reportedly, the LA prosecutors and Harvey’s lawyers agreed to postpone his trip to the Californian city for the second time on account of the coronavirus pandemic which has worsened on both coasts of the United States. Norm Effman, his lawyer, said the issues surrounding Harvey’s transportation made his situation especially difficult.

This week, it was reported that the 68-year-old The Weinstein Company co-founder appeared before a judge following his conviction and sentencing to 23 years for rape and criminal sex acts. Reportedly, the judge postponed the next hearing until April.

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As an interesting side note, one local TV station asked if they could film Weinstein and both the producer and his legal team denied the request, saying how they didn’t want any more publicity.

The LA County District Attorney’s Office has slapped Harvey with a number of serious crimes, including sexual battery, rape, and more, concerning the claims of five different females. If Harvey is convicted, he could be sentenced to 140 years.

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As it was previously reported, Weinstein was sent to prison for 23 years after he was found guilty of raping and assaulting two different women, including Jessica Mann and Mimi Haleyi. Followers of the case know Harvey has been accused by 100+ women at this point, Page Six reported.

Currently, Harvey and his legal team are trying to find a way for him to get out on bail as they gear up to file an appeal, similar to what was done in Bill Cosby’s case. Harvey first came to bat against the accusations near the ending of 2017, which marked the beginning of the #MeToo movement.