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Happy Birthday, Kris Jenner! See the Momager’s Style Evolution

Kris Jenner has always been a style queen! That doesn’t mean her sense of fashion has always looked the same though. In honor of her 65th birthday on Thursday, November 5, we decided to take a look back at her iconic style evolution.

Since the start of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the matriarch of the family has proven she loves a black ensemble over anything else. At the reality show’s premiere party in Los Angeles, Jenner killed it in a loose-fit black cocktail dress with sequin details along the hemline, sleeves and neckline. However, as the years went on, she began to adjust this trendy look in favor of something more classically tailored. But still, always, dark.

So where does she get her inspo? During a Vogue Forces of Fashion panel in 2018, Jenner said that her attitude towards fashion comes from her mom, Mary Jo. “She will never walk out of the house not done from head to toe,” Jenner said. “She taught me to always put my best foot forward and always look your best. In her generation that’s what women did; in the ’50s everyone dressed like Jackie O. It was so fabulous.”

Now the self-expression is something she’d like to inspire in others. “I just want to pass that down to women everywhere and remind them that we’re here because fashion is exciting, and it’s expression and fun, but I think that it makes you feel better. If you look better and doll yourself up a little bit, it helps. I have a better day if I’m trying to feel my best from the inside out.”

Keep scrolling to take a closer look at how the momager’s style has changed over the years.

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