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Gwen Stefani Gushes Over ‘Best Friend’ Blake Shelton And Reveals What She Loves Most About Him!

Gwen Stefani could not be any happier about soon tying the knot with fiance, Blake Shelton! After all, he is not only her lover, he is also her best friend!

That being said, the singer raved about her country crooner significant other during a new interview, revealing that they are ‘homies’ and tell each other everything!

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It all started when, while on ‘At Home With’, Gwen was asked what she loves most about her fiance.

Gwen made it very clear that choosing only one thing was not easy since her man is so great!

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‘Gosh, it’s hard not to like almost everything about Blake Shelton. I said almost only because it would be silly to do like, ‘I like everything about Blake.’ No one’s perfect, of course. But I think the root of what I love about us together is that we’re just…He’s my best friend.’

This is not the first time fans get to hear ‘best friend’ associated with this couple since Blake has said the same thing about Gwen before!

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During an episode of The Voice last month, Blake told contestant Rose Short: ‘Rose, I could not be happier for you, that you have Gwen as your coach. Because I have had Gwen as my best friend, and I can see the effect it has on somebody, the way that she helps you to believe in yourself.’ That is so sweet and supportive!

Gwen also went on to tell the host that ‘We tell each other everything. I do not want to do anything without him. He is my homie. And he’s just a really generous guy. He is full of love and generosity. He’s a smart, smart guy as well. So you feel safe, you could lean on him and trust him. And I could just keep going. I mean it’s literally like a joke.’

And she did not stop there with the praises! To find out what else she had to say about her fiance, check out the interview!