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George Clooney And Many More Celebs Slam The No Murder Charges For The Officers Who Killed Breonna Taylor

Despite the multi-million dollar settlement Breonna Taylor’s loved ones received in her case, the ones responsible for her death are still to be properly punished for her killing and many celebrities took to social media to express their feelings about that unfair sentence! One of them is actor George Clooney who made it very clear that he is ‘ashamed of this decision.’

As you might have heard, the police officers who shot Breonna Taylor in her own bed for no reason have not been charged with murder and people are livid!

On September 23, it was announced that former officer Brett Hankison has been indicted for first degree ‘endangerment’ but not charged with the death as well.

As for the other two officers who were also at the scene when the tragedy happened, John Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove, they have not been charged at all!

Clooney, who is a Kentucky native, felt the need to respond after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron stated in a press conference that: ‘There will be influencers and activists and celebrities who’ve never lived in Kentucky and who try to tell us how to feel, suggesting that they understand the facts in this case, and they know our community and commonwealth better than we do…They do not.’

The actor stated via Deadline that ‘I was born and raised in Kentucky. [I] Cut tobacco on the farms of Kentucky. My parents and sister live in Kentucky and I own a home in Kentucky. I was there just last month. The justice system that I was raised to believe in holds all people responsible for their actions.’

‘Her name was Breonna Taylor and was shot to death in her own bed by 3 police officers, who won’t be charged with any crime for her passing. I am ashamed of this decision,’ he went to say in part.

Others who were also just as quick to slam the grand jury decision are NFL star Colin Kaepernick, Porsha Williams, Gabrielle Union, Common, Amber Riley, Garcelle Beauvais, Kerry Washington and more!