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Fans Rally In Support Of R. Kelly Amid His New York Sexual Abuse Trial

R. Kelly’s fans think the singer-songwriter is innocent, in fact, many of them took to the streets to say that Sony Records are the “real pedophiles.” As most know, R. Kelly‘s case hasn’t been going well. The R&B singer has been behind bars after he was charged with a slew of sex crimes in 2019.

Kelly has been behind prison walls ever since and has also been denied bail a number of times. Even though getting him out on bail hasn’t worked thus far, his lawyer and his fans are still doing everything in their power to turn the tide in favor of the singer-songwriter.

In recent news, Michael Rapaport shared a video in which R. Kelly fans were shown protesting in the streets of New York. One man held up a banner that read, “Justice For R. Kelly ‘Due Process’.” He yelled from the microphone that Sony Records are the “real pedophiles.” Hot New Hip Hop says the video was originally captured by Marco Polo via his Instagram Story.

The outlet claims this wouldn’t be the first time fans of the singer have been in the streets to support him. Just a few weeks back, demonstrators were in Chicago trying to fight for his freedom. They chanted things like “Free R. Kelly,” and asked where the parents were.

As it was noted above, R. Kelly has been trying hard to get out of prison. However, reports claim he was recently attacked by a fellow inmate. According to the story, an inmate attacked Kelly while he was sleeping in his bed, however, the perp was moved to a new prison in Michigan not long after.

Due to the attack, R. Kelly and his attorney used the incident as a reason for why he should be let out of jail, but the court judge denied bail for the umpteenth time.

The government reportedly told Kelly and his lawyer that it wouldn’t happen again, so he didn’t have a reason to worry. Several outlets claim the perpetrator had the words, “F*ck the Feds” tattooed on his face.