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Erica Mena’s Latest Post Triggers Criticism From Some Fans – See Her Video

Erica Mena dropped a video on her social media account that had a lot of people talking. Check out what’s this all about below.

‘Luxury Yoni This is what does it for me! A nice Spa at home V Steam with my Royal Throne from @luxuryyoni @luxuryyoni. I lock myself in a room, put on my Luxury Diva Robe, light my candle and sit on my Royal Throne by @luxuryyoni to get the rejuvenation I need. Ladies, steaming your V is underestimated! Y’all need to try it! I made sure to get a code for you all. Go to @luxuryyoni, click the link in their bio and CODE: ERICA for 15% OFF. It’s the best,’ she captioned her post.

A follower said: ‘Here goes all these GYN’s in the comments.’

Some talked about her wedding ring and noticed that she’s not wearing it in this video.

A commenter said: ‘If you look at her a lot of her pictures she’s not wearing it. If I’m at home I don’t wear my wedding ring…hers is big and chunky she probably doesn’t wear it unless they’re out. Leave them alone. It’s none of your business anyways 🙄’

Someone else posted this message: ‘Whatever happened to just getting probiotics into your body, like eating yogurt, drinking tea, drinking cranberry juice or eating them for cleansing? This is so beyond me! 🥴’

A follower said: ‘In my culture, this done after a woman gives birth as a one-time treatment to rid the body of toxins after given birth. Your body naturally gets rid of toxins, if you’re unhealthy down there. It’s because of what your eating and not sting enough water. Leave the V to do it’s thing naturally.’

One follower posted this: ‘I am no GYN doc. I can only speak for my uterus. Ppl are just NOW getting to fully understand what yoni steaming is. I have been doing all my life as it was a practice my grandmother was adamant about it helping with menstrual issues. I love yoni steaming it is excellent for you!! It has so many benefits. I just would not yoni steam out of plastic it’s not healthy! I would never due to my uterus like that! I am all down for being healthy and having a healthy uterus but not with no plastic!’

Erica Mena looked gorgeous in a black outfit from Fashion Nova. She kept it simple makeup-wise and she said not too long ago that she was planning to use this great look to trap Safaree with a second baby.