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Erica Mena Made Fans Happy With A Photo Of Both Her Kids – People Get Breakup Vibes From Her Post

Erica Mena has been criticized by people for not posting pics and videos of her kids on her social media account. She explained the reasons for wanting to keep her family private more than once, but haters kept nagging her.

She recently dropped a new photo in which both her boy and baby girl are featured. The face of her daughter is still hidden.

She explained that she wants to protect her baby girl from hateful comments, as you all know that the Internet is full of these.

‘MY Kids,♥️ This is what my life is about! Priorities are really fucked up for some people. Blessed,’ Erica captioned her post.

More fans said that they are getting strange breakup vibes from the photo.

A follower asked to see the baby girl: ‘Girl let us see the baby damn🙄❤,’ and when someone asked why Erica is not showing her daughter to the world, someone else answered: ‘Why? people have a tendency of attacking children and don’t know boundaries.’

A fan said: ‘I agree with you. It’s like you go through the pregnancy journey, and you can’t see the baby. But it’s all good, but you’re not a creep.’

Someone else posted this: ‘I’m glad she doesn’t show her son. She let him choose normalcy,’ and a commenter said: ‘I love how you protect their privacy.’

A follower said: ‘She barely let yall see her son, so what makes yall think she gone let you see her baby girl…I respect that because people are so mean.’

A fan posted: ‘One thing about you. You don’t play about them babies ♥️,’ and someone else said: ‘I’m getting break up vibes from this post. I hope all is well.’

One follower posted this: ‘Can’t believe the shit people write talking shit about what she does or commenting on how she looks or if she chooses to post kids or not. My dude, if it bothers you so much, get off her page.’

According to the latest rumors, Erica and Safaree are having some kind of troubles these days, but nothing has been confirmed.

In other news, Erica Mena has been telling her fans for a really long time that embracing your natural beauty is the best thing to do.

Even though people bashed her for having all kinds of cosmetic interventions, she was never shy when it came to posting her natural body, with stretchmarks and all.