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EA Motive Ought To Concentrate Its Efforts On Creating An Upgraded Version Of The Sequel Now That The Dead Space Remake Is So Fantastic-Looking

The EA Motive team has revealed that Dead Space Remake has entered the alpha stage of development, so things appear to be progressing well.

The Dead Space remake’s makers, who have prioritized open, regular communication with fans, expressed their happiness at reaching the alpha stage in a tweet shared on Twitter. Likewise, the writers are probably excited about the advancements made thus far and have a very optimistic outlook for the future.

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A party was held at the company yesterday to mark Dead Space’s entry into alpha a few weeks ago. The tweet reads, “Congratulations to the whole team!

The Dead Space remake enhances the classic in many ways, upgrading scenery and items and adding dynamic holographic lighting. Additionally, new HDR atmospheric visual effects and audio adjustments for weapons like the Plasma Cutter and Plasma Rifle have been made.

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The game has been improved in terms of playability, including updated Zero-G sequences, a new dismemberment mechanism, and other changes.

For the Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC on January 27, 2023, the Dead Space remake will be available. It won’t have loading screens and will support 3D audio on both consoles.

Additionally, there won’t be any microtransactions, in contrast to the contentious Dead Space 3. In the following months, stay tuned for additional information and perhaps fresh gameplay.

Stronger gameplay, spectacular set pieces, and a more likable Isaac Clarke make Dead Space 2 stand out. Players might be able to see all the thrilling action and Isaac’s fashionable Advanced Suit in a contemporary engine if a remake is released, with all the enhancements made for the Dead Space remake being transferred over.

While some people might prefer the original, other Dead Space aficionados prefer the sequel, demonstrating that both games offer tremendous value. Dead Space 2 is, therefore, logically, the next game to receive an upgrade.