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Drew Barrymore Has An Epic Response To Her Show Being Parodied On Saturday Night Live — Watch The Hilarious Skit!

Drew Barrymore had an epic response to Saturday Night Live parodying her new program The Drew Barrymore Show on their 46th Season premiere. While some people might become upset, or even offended if they are portrayed on SNL, but not Drew. She loved the skit and sounded off on her own Instagram account. She even praised Chloe Fineman, who portrayed Drew in the skit. Fortunately for Drew, the skit was very favorable and really poked fun at how sweet and loving Drew Barrymore is.

The skit included parodies of two of Drew’s episodes where she reunited with her ex-husband Tom Green and interviewed her best friend Reese Witherspoon. Drew’s response to the skit was phenomenal and she even discussed it on her official Instagram account, where she has 13.6 million followers.

You may see the official video that SNL shared on their YouTube channel featuring Chloe Fineman as Drew Barrymore below.

Drew Barrymore shared several photos of herself where she smiled from ear-to-ear as her television played in the background.

Drew shared the following message in her caption.

@nbcsnl and @chloeiscrazy is the greatest thing. I have loved SNL for as long as i know, and to also have the @thedrewbarrymoreshow brought to the party is so fun. Honored to be apart of it . PS #DREWSNEWS hearts #WEEKENDUPDATE.

You may see the five photos that Drew Barrymore shared in her picture slideshow below.

Drew could be seen laughing while watching various clips from the Saturday Night Live premiere. Drew not only shared photos of herself watching the show, but others who have guested on the program weighed in on Instagram as well.

The official Drew Barrymore Show even responded to the official YouTube video making it clear that they loved the skit and spot-on portrayal of Drew.

Have you watched The Drew Barrymore Show? Did you catch the Season 46 premiere of Saturday Night Live? What did you think about the show?

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