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Dolly Parton Saved Her Nine-Year-Old Co-Star From Being Hit By A Car — Meet The Amazing Hill Family

Dolly Parton saved the life of her nine-year-old co-star and fans aren’t surprised. Dolly has a huge reputation for her generosity, her big heart, and her sweet nature. She’s always doing whatever she can to help others on a grand scale and it’s no surprise that she shows the same spirit on a small scale as well. While some celebrities may act like their full of kindness on screen but are a nightmare to people in real life, only wonderful things are ever said about Dolly. And now, three siblings who acted with her can testify to her actions, including the youngest, Talia Hill.

The Hill siblings hail from Florida and each is amazingly talented. They are all dancers and singers and inherited their gifts from their parents, including their mother Tonia who is a professional dancer. All three were cast in Dolly’s new Netflix, Christmas movie “Christmas in the Square” where Dolly plays an angel. The siblings danced in the film. One day, when they were taking a break on set, an incident happened where Dolly saved Talia’s life. She described the incident in an interview with Inside Edition as follows.

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We were on set, and I was at the hot chocolate station, and they said ‘Go back to your beginning positions.’ So, there is a vehicle moving, and I was walking, and somebody grabbed me and pulled me back — and it was Dolly Parton.

According to Talia Hill said that Parton told her the following in response.

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Well, I am an angel, you know.

Talia continued.

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I was in shock, she hugged me and shook me and said, ‘I saved your life!’ And my mom’s going, ‘Yes, you did, Dolly Parton. Yes, you did!’

You may see the interview with the Hill family and Inside Edition in the video player below.

Are you surprised that Dolly Parton saved Talia Hill? What do you think about the Hill family?

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