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Diplo Denies Rumors That He’s Dating A 19-Year-Old TikTok Star

Diplo, the notorious DJ, and producer, has been in the headlines this week after a 19-year-old TikToker named Quenlin Blackwell began posting videos that she unofficially titled, Living With Diplo. The result of which was backlash for the DJ, who later responded to the claims on Twitter.

It didn’t take long for news publications to begin reporting on the story, claiming that a 19-year-old girl was living with the 41-year-old Grammy Award winner. According to Hot New Hip Hop, she posted TikTok videos in which she and Diplo were hanging out.

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On the 26th of October, Monday, Diplo took to his Twitter account to say that he rents out one of his properties to Blackwell. He stated that he uses the studio in the building while explaining that her social media was merely “sarcastic and chaotic.”

The DJ went on to say he understood how it was easy to get a certain impression from their videos, but they’re nothing but friends. Another Twitter user went on to ask what kind of relationship they could even have, and he said they made music together.

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Blackwell never responded to what the producer had to say on his social media account, although, she did write on her Twitter, “I’M OUT THIS B*TCH LMAOO.”

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The last time we heard from Diplo was when he was lamenting over not having been chosen for the lead actor in the new movie about the Tiger King. As it was previously reported, Diplo was in the headlines when he took to his Twitter account to allegedly express his dissatisfaction over Nicolas Cage getting the role instead of him.

Many outlets pointed out that the two men, the Tiger King and Diplo, share many of the same traits, including a love for music, animals, and blonde hair.

Regarding Diplo’s potential to be in a relationship with Blackwell, many fans have noted that it wouldn’t be the first time he has dated a much younger woman. Previously, the producer was linked to Chantel Jeffries, who has also hung around people like Scott Disick and more.