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Deena Cortese Shares The Moniker She Chose For Baby No. 2!

The Jersey Shore star took to her go-to platform to reveal the name she’s chosen for her second addition to the family! As fans know, Deena Cortese is currently pregnant with baby number two so everyone has been looking forward to the updates!

That being said, according to the future mom of two, the moniker they have picked for the still unborn infant is Cameron Theo Buckner. – How beautiful!

As mentioned before, Deena already shares anther son with her husband, Christopher Buckner.

His name is Christopher John ‘CJ’ Buckner and he is turning 2 years old next month!

The pregnant reality TV star shared a couple of pictures from both her pregnancies and in the caption, she wrote: ’20 weeks today 🤰🏻 20 weeks left with Cameron Theo Buckner 💙 20 weeks right with Christopher John Buckner 💙.’

It sounds like this second pregnancy has been really different from her first. Deena previously shared that ‘I feel like I can already feel our little Cameron’s personality.’

Deena also told her followers that ‘With CJ From the moment I got pregnant he made it known that he was in there .. [I got] sick from the moment I found out until week 15 .. after week 15 he did not go unnoticed as he was kicking and letting me know .. hey I am in here! And as you all know CJ is a little riot with energy and a little ham.’

As for her experience carrying Cameron, she dished that it was all so easy that some days she even forgot she was pregnant, except that she was a little tired – aside from that, all normal!

This cute update post comes after Cortese first announced the second pregnancy back in October!

What is your opinion on the name she picked for her second son?

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