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Chelsea Clinton Argues In Favor Of Giving Donald Trump And White House Officials The COVID-19 Vaccine Before Front Line Workers!

While many Americans were not so happy about the news that Donald Trump’s White House staff would get to receive the COVID-19 vaccine before anyone else, including front line workers, Chelsea Clinton argued in favor of this! Here’s what she had to say!

That’s right! Hillary and Bill Clinton’s daughter thinks Trump and his administration should be the first to get the vaccine – a controversial stance that she explained, nevertheless.

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Chelsea even insisted that the administration, which is supposed to be coming up with anti-pandemic strategies, could also be categorized as front line workers as a result!

She took to Twitter to share a clip of infectious disease expert Dr. Celine Grounder on CNN and wrote alongside it: ‘Completely agree with @celinegounder. If we expect @WhiteHouse staff to manage #covid19, they are then critical workers in this moment. We also need the Americans who listen to [Donald Trump] to see his and his team’s vote of confidence in the vaccine by being vaccinated.’

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Hearing what she had to say makes her words seem much less outrageous but many still didn’t agree, sharing their own opinions in the comment section.

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This comes after National Security spokesman Ullyot said, as per NPR, that ‘senior officials across all 3 branches of government will receive vaccinations pursuant to continuity of government protocols established in executive policy.’

Ullyot went on to cite the 2016 National Continuity Policy according to which the executive branch should be provided with ‘personnel with the appropriate resources to perform their prescribed continuity roles and responsibilities.’

This directive was pretty much the main argument in favor of getting the vaccine to the White House first.

But, not too long after this statement, Trump tweeted that: ‘People working at the White House should receive the vaccine later in the program, unless specifically necessary. I’ve asked this adjustment be made. I’m not scheduled to take the vaccine, but I look forward to doing so at the appropriate time.’