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Checking It Twice! Stars Reveal If They Are on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List

Santa Claus is making his list — and checking it twice! Celebrity kids aren’t the only ones who are feeling the pressure during holiday season as they look back on who’s been naughty or nice this year.

“The nice list, of course! Only the nice list! It’s not bad if you don’t get caught,” Jonathan Scott teased while speaking to Us Weekly about his favorite holiday traditions.

For the Property Brothers star, his work off-camera is what he thinks helped land him on the positive side of Santa’s sleigh. “You know what? I think this year, I’m pretty excited that we’ve been able to do some things that I think are really good for people and really good for, you know, families,” he added, claiming that “Santa would be very proud” of what he and his twin, Drew Scott, accomplished for those in need.

Like the HGTV personality, Olivia Munn feels pretty good about where she stands with Santa this Christmas.

“I definitely don’t think I’d ever end up on a naughty list. But that’s mostly because I have a little more of a boring life just work, hanging out my dogs and go home and hanging out my friends,” the Newsroom alum joked. “It’s really hard to be naughty when you’re [boring].”

While some stars have channeled their energy into setting a good example, others have kept things playful. Leslie Odom Jr. told Us that he hasn’t been totally perfect — but that he’s simply trying his best.

“I’m a little bit of both! It’s all about balance in life,” the Tony winner said. “A little of naughty, a little bit of nice goes a long way.”

Padma Lakshmi, for her part, has her sights set on being a little more mischievous in the years to come after a solid streak on the nice list.

“I’ve been on the nice list, I’ve been good, following the rules,” the Taste the Nation host told Us. “But next year, I want to get myself on the naughty list.”

Scroll through to find out which stars made it onto the nice list — and which ones are getting coal in their stockings this year.