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Celeb Jeweler Greg Zaks Reveals Why Justin and Hailey Love His Pieces

Bling it on! Celebrity jeweler Greg Zaks a.k.a. Greg Grillz is known for making his high profile clients’ wildest diamond dreams come true.

Beyond creating stunning one-of-a-kind rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings and more for celebrities including Justin and Hailey Bieber (neé Baldwin), Post Malone and more, the Los Angeles-based jeweler has become the go-to guy for custom grillz and has transformed the way people shop for them through his DIY molding kits that are mailed straight to your door.

“I have always been fascinated by jewelry, especially with watches, specifically Rolex,” Zaks tells Stylish exclusively while celebrating his partnership with Steeler’s wide receiver Juju Smith Schuster for his newest venture of


“When I first got into the business, I had no connections whatsoever, but I knew a couple of cool guys who worked in the nightlife scene. I entered the club and spoke to as many people as possible and did not leave that club until everyone knew who I was,” he continues.

Greg Grillz

While Zaks wanted to make as many connections as possible, his dream was never to become a jeweler to the stars. Instead, he wanted to be known for the quality of his work and humble personality.

“I never intended on becoming a celebrity jeweler or famous jeweler, that happened because people who meet me recognize that I am not your average jeweler,” the gem expert shares.

His secret sauce: “I won’t push a sale and customers can sense the transparency. … Many clients end up becoming dear friends of mine.”

Once he made a name for himself, Zaks began working with high end precious stone retailers in Manhattan’s Diamond District to create unforgettable pieces ��� including standout items for the “Baby” singer and his model wife.

Greg Grillz

“Generally, I get called to the celebrities’ homes for a private consultation where we discuss what kind of jewelry I’ll be making and the game plan,” he explains of his process.

The result? “I made Justin extremely rare and hard-to-find natural lavender coloured diamond grillz and an invisible set VVS diamond bottom grill,” he says. “I also made diamond fangs for Hailey in one day for a rushed order.”

Regardless of your jewelry taste, Zaks believes has something for everybody.

“Jewelry has always been looked at as something that only the elite can afford. Part of my mission at

is to provide a variety of products that cater to all price ranges which people can be proud of,” the California native notes.

“Every customer is different. I have my own style, but someone else may have a whole different idea of what is cool. It is all about perspective and I appreciate everyone’s.”