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Britney Spears married Sam Asgari: the first details of the sensational wedding ceremony

Britney Spears often willingly talks about her personal life, but she managed to hide the preparations for the long-awaited wedding literally until the last day.

The fact that the popular singer is preparing to marry her boyfriend Sam Asghari became known the night before – a couple of hours before guests began to arrive at the celebrity’s house.

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The fact that Britney is about to become Sam’s wife was first reported by People journalists. Paparazzi helicopters circled over the singer’s house all evening, planning to get exclusive pictures of the wedding ceremony.

But they were not the only ones who tried to ruin Spears’ wedding that day: her ex-husband Jason Alexander broke into the pop star’s house.

He was a childhood friend of the celebrity, and in 2004 she spontaneously married him after a wild party. Two days later, the singer’s lawyers arranged for her to divorce, but Jason still managed to be the husband of the star.

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Obviously, he tried to break into the house just as an ex-spouse: he told the security guard at the entrance that Spears personally sent him an invitation. But when he was not on the list of invitees, Alexander began to shout that he had come specifically to disrupt Britney’s wedding.

And at the time of the brawl with the security guards, the celebrity even began to broadcast live on social networks – and did not stop it until the police car arrived for him.

When the incident was over, the first guests began to arrive at the singer’s house. Journalists managed to find out that Spears invited 50 people to the wedding, but the singer’s sons refused to attend the ceremony: 16-year-old Sean and 15-year-old Jayden, who was born during the singer’s marriage to Kevin Federline.


They asked their father’s lawyer to inform their mother that they did not want to come to the party.