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Bravo Fans Demand Kelly Dodd Be Fired After Mocking Black Lives Matter, Apologizing, And Saying Her PR Made Her Apologize

Problematic Bravo star Kelly Dodd is making headlines once more. However, this time it isn’t for spreading misinformation about the deadly Coronavirus.

The soon-to-be-married Real Housewives of Orange County star sported a hat that said Drunk Wives Matter in the same font and design of the Black Lives Matter logo. She was called out for the insensitive play on words by thousands of fans.

After doubling down by saying that she got it as a present and ‘F*** You’ to anyone who was upset about the joke, she released an apology.

After the apology didn’t go over well with fans for being insincere, she revealed that she did not want to apologize but her PR made her in order for people to stop demanding her to be fired.

Bravo has made changes across the board. Firing Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens, and Brett Caprioni was the first step of the network condemning their stars’ racist actions.

Hosting multiple specials on race in America and donating millions of dollars were the second and third step. Adding more people of color to their franchises was the fourth.

Fans of the network can’t help but question why can’t they pull the plug on Dodd who not only said multiple racially insensitive things about the Black Lives Matter movement, but also has vocally downplayed the severity of COVID-19.

A Bravo fan page posted Kelly’s apology to which many followers commented.

‘But the video she posted had a whole different tone and she said “all lives matter” byeee you trying to keep that job,’ one pointed out.

‘There’s no reason for her to have a job anymore,’ added another.

This person said: ‘People who actually support black lives matter would never just down play it like of course I support black lives. And they would also likely think the gift was a tacky play on words of a very serious issue.’

Many other people called out NBC Universal and Bravo TV to simply fire Kelly and edit her out of the upcoming episodes.