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Bow Wow Reveals He Has A Son With Olivia Sky In New Track – Although He’s Unsure If He’s The Real Father

Despite the fact Bow Wow hasn’t been on top of his game in the rap scene for years, the rapper has managed to accrue millions of followers who love to know what’s been going on in his life behind the scenes. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the rapper may actually have a son.

Fans of the performing artist know there have been rumors going around that he fathered a child with Olivia Sky, the Instagram model, which he appeared to confirm in a preview for a new song. Regarding his daughter, Shai, Shad Moss rapped in his new track that Shai has been asking for a brother.

He said it was going to be one of those talks they have “face-to-face.” In the brand new track, Bow Wow appeared to suggest that he was unclear if he really was the father, but either way, the track seems to confirm that he does have a son, or at least he’s taking care of one.

On his Twitter account, Bow Wow wrote, “man you gone takes all the girls.” As it was noted above, Bow Wow has still managed to get his name in the headlines for a number of reasons over the last few years, but they’re not always positive.

For instance, the rapper was once accused of faking that he was in business class when fans could clearly see he was riding in coach like everyone else.

Moreover, he and his team posted a video on his social media once in which he appeared to be running away from a large group of fans. Social media commentators threw shade on the rapper, asking him if he really thought he was fooling anyone.

Additionally, Shad Moss was the subject of ridicule earlier this year when Timbaland questioned if he even had enough hits to appear on Verzuz after fans asked him if he would stop by the virtual competition.

Bow Wow said to Timbaland that he must’ve been drinking too much “Ciroq,” because the “Bow Wow era was nothing to play with.”