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Boi-1da Celebrates Eminem’s Production Work – Says His Beats Don’t Get Enough Credit

According to Boi-1da, one of Drake’s biggest producers, Eminem‘s production work and skills in the beat-making arena doesn’t get enough credit. Even though Eminem has won many awards and has been honored an innumerable amount of times over the years, Boi-1da says the rapper’s beats rarely get any attention.

Hot New Hip Hop says Eminem has made many of his own instrumentals, as well as the beats, used by people like Nas, Redman, Lloyd Banks, and DMX, among others. Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, has even made beats for KXNG Crooked.

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Earlier this week, Hot New Hip Hop reported that Boi-1da took to his Twitter account to celebrate the rapper’s career as a producer. The outlet claims Marshall doesn’t get enough “credit as a producer,” before saying that the rapper had “gems.”

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In case you didn’t know, Boi-1da made beats “Not Afraid” and “Seduction” for Eminem, as well as “Lucky You,” which came off his second-last effort, Kamikaze. Thus far, it’s not entirely clear why Boi-1da chose to acknowledge Eminem’s work as a producer, but it’s very possible that he and the rapper have a new project coming out.

Or perhaps he was just feeling nostalgic for a specific style of beat, and Eminem was one of the greatest at producing that sound. As for Boi-1da, the producer has been in the headlines for a number of reasons over the last few months.

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For instance, Boi-1da kicked off a social media debate when he suggested that Drake was easily one of the greatest performing artists of this generation. The Toronto artist has produced hit after hit following his decades-long career in the game.

This isn’t an overly unpopular opinion either. Fat Joe recently came to bat for Drake and said the Toronto rapper was like the “Michael Jackson” of the modern era.

Despite the shout-outs, Drake has come under fire by other performing artists, including people like Pusha-T, Meek Mill, and a few others. Kanye West and Drake have also fought, but most have taken Drake’s side in the one-sided beef.