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Billy Bush Claims He Felt Like Matt Lauer Betrayed Him Amid His Firing For The 2005 Access Hollywood Tape With Donald Trump

According to Billy Bush, he didn’t like the way Matt Lauer handled his firing from NBC back in 2016 when a tape – featuring him and Donald Trump talking about women on a bus – hit the press.

The videotape featured Trump bragging about his results with women, including his now-infamous comment in which he said he could “grab women by the p*ssy” because he was a star.

During a new interview with Men’s Health, Bush touched on his firing from NBC which led to months of him feeling paralyzingly depressed and unhappy. Bush said he couldn’t get off his couch and wouldn’t stop crying.

Amid his chat with Men’s Health, the 48-year-old claimed his employment’s termination on the Today show after just two months was very hard on him. The tape featured Billy and Trump speaking on a bus approximately 11 years prior.

Reportedly, Bush felt offended when Lauer didn’t come to bat for him when the tape surfaced. Bush said it was very troubling for him because he and Matt had known each other forever at that point. Bush said that he first learned he lost his job when he tried taking a car to the airport to fly to New York City.

He claims the driver told him that they canceled his car. At that time, Bush had just separated from his wife as well and claims he spent much of his time drinking whiskey by himself. After approximately four months of feeling terrible about his situation, he claims he said to his brother that he was terribly depressed.

As a result, he went for treatment at a place called The Hoffman Process. However, these days, things are doing a lot better for him now and he’s now working for Extra. During his chat with the writer Anna Peele, he said he realized he was like the “little suck-up Billy Bush.”

According to Bush, before that happened to him, nothing terrible had ever occurred in his life, and he says he needed to happen. He claimed, “I needed to have my a** handed to me.” In 2017, he and Lauer later met up for dinner.