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Big Brother 24’s Paloma Aguilar Claims Taylor Hale ‘Bullied’ Her Before Exit

Telling her side of the story. After exiting Big Brother early due to her mental health, Paloma Aguilar addressed both on and off-screen moments.

The CBS personality shocked fans when she chose to leave the game due to personal issues. During the first live eviction episode, it was confirmed that Paloma stepped away from Big Brother. Earlier that month, viewers questioned Paloma’s future on the show when she went missing from the live feeds.

Shortly after her departure made headlines, Paloma took to social media to address what transpired in the house.

“I am feeling much better after I left the house and self-evicted. I want to make it super clear that I self-evicted not because of Taylor [Hale] or anyone else but because of my mental health,” the California native detailed in a since-deleted TikTok video, which was published in July 2022. “Another thing I want to address is obviously the whole Taylor drama because frankly I am so sick of people on Twitter making assumptions about who I am without actually hearing me out.”

During her time on Big Brother, Paloma faced major backlash for her interactions with fellow houseguest Taylor. The home remodeler was previously heard referring to Taylor as a “lying bitch” amid filming. “Bro, I’ve tried to be compassionate toward her. She’s such a bitch to me. She has not talked game to any of the girls,” Paloma told several of her costars, adding that she made attempts to bond with Taylor. “Her personality just rubs people the wrong way and she lacks, most of all, self-awareness.”

She continued: “She can be a snake in the garden. She will stab you from the back and make you a turkey club sandwich, OK? I see it. I’m a girls’ girl and I love strong women. We play a similar game but I’m playing it better.”

Paloma later alleged that not everything made it on screen when it came to her dynamic with Taylor. “I was in the house bullied by Taylor. I am in the shower washing my hair and she makes a comment and makes fun of how I look in the show. Or I drop a piece of pineapple and there is a condescending comment that happens,” she added in the clip.

For Paloma, it was important to address her version of events, saying, “Was it a matter of race and me being a racist? Absolutely not. Was it a matter of me getting bullied and it not being shown on camera? Yeah. That for sure happened. Did Taylor and I get past that and become friends? Absolutely.”

The contestant also argued that her biggest priority after appearing on Big Brother was sharing the entire timeline. “I am here to tell my truth and take it for what it will be. But you can believe it or you cannot believe it. At this point though, I don’t really care,” she concluded.

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