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Bella Hadid Drags ‘Loser’ Lil Pump For Supporting Donald Trump!

Lil Pump got a lot of criticism for showing support to Donald Trump in the presidential election and one of the people who held nothing back when dragging him for this choice is none other than Bella Hadid! The supermodel called the rapper out, labeling him as ‘irresponsible’ and even a ‘loser’

Bella Hadid took to her IG account to make her opinion very clear when it comes to Lil Pump endorsing the controversial president.

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It all started with the young rapper sharing a pic featuring himself posing for the camera in front of a Trump flag, making his allegiance very clear!

It did not take long for the Hadid sister to repost the snap on her own IG Stories.

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Alongside it, she wrote: ‘This is so irresponsible. This kid is a loser. Anyways I’m going to Mars… You guys want anything?’

It’s a well known fact that Lil Pump is not the only rapper to show support to Donald Trump.

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Other huge names in the industry who want him to win the election for a second time are Lil Wayne, and, of course, Kanye West!

As for the 20 year old rapper, he may be a Trump supporter but the POTUS definitely didn’t even respect him enough to remember his stage name when introducing him at a rally yesterday.

Instead, he called him ‘Little Pimp!’

Sure enough, Bella Hadid just had to share that mistake as well, reposting the video in which Trump mispronounced the rapper’s name and writing alongside it: ‘This is literally the cherry on top. Imagine trying so hard to be famous, that you publicly endorse a president just for clout. And then… he calls you little pimp.’

Obviously, Bella Hadid is a huge Joe Biden supporter and she has been very vocal about that.

The model even gushed over her mom, Yolanda Hadid, voting for the first time: ‘Took my mama to vote for the first time today!!! She became an American citizen recently and this year she was determined to get out and vote. I’m so proud of her!!!’

Not only that but she’s also been begging her followers to be on the ‘right side of history’ this election season.