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Bachelor’s Taylor Nolan Is in an Open Relationship With New Boyfriend Zach

A modern love story! Taylor Nolan has a new boyfriend named Zach after ending her fling with a mystery man from Canada, Us Weekly exclusively confirms.

The Bachelor alum, 27, met Zach at the Fireside Conference at Camp Walden in Ontario, Canada, in September 2019, but they did not make their relationship official until this August. She began sharing distant photos of him via Instagram that same month and has continued to give fans closer glimpses of his face in recent weeks.

“The day that he asked me about being boyfriend/girlfriend was the day that Josh [Wolfe] proposed to you,” Nolan told fellow Bachelor alum Vanessa Grimaldi in Us’ sneak peek of the Wednesday, October 7, episode of her podcast, “Let’s Talk About It With Taylor Nolan.”

The mental health counselor explained to Grimaldi, 33, that she is in a consensually non-monogamous relationship with Zach, something they agreed upon during their very first conversation.

“My preference of style of relationship is monogam-ish, to be consensually nonmonogamous,” she said. Noting that past partners thought her needs and desires were “unrealistic…to ask for in a relationship.”

However, Zach immediately showed Nolan “the kindness, the empathy, the attentiveness, the care” that she was looking for. “He had such this warmth, and I tried to avoid him at first ‘cause I was like, ‘Ah, no!’ Because he was so f–king … ah, he’s so hot,” she gushed.

Bachelor Alum Taylor Nolan Introduces New Boyfriend Zach

Nolan told listeners that her new beau is a “vegan, he doesn’t drink, he likes cats, he likes plants and he’s interested in poly/open relationships.”

The Seattle native told Grimaldi that she envisions herself “getting married legally” one day but does not see her future husband being her only sexual partner.

“Will my marriage be, ‘He’s the one and only person I have sex with the rest of my life and we cohabitate and we’re each other’s everything?’ No, not at all,” she said.

Nolan went on to say that “there’s literally not a single thing that’s bad about” Zach and that they hope to move to Vancouver, Canada, together at some point.

“I mean, the border’s closed still. Who knows when that’s gonna open back up,” she said amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “In August, our goal was three to six months more of this, and then in three to six months hopefully having a place in Vancouver together.”

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