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Apex Legends Crossplay Testing Begins Next Week

Apex Legends players should be able to play together regardless of platform, and the team over at Respawn is making that happen. Apex Legends crossplay testing begins testing next week, though the default will continue to separate PC and console players unless the settings are changed by the player itself.

Respawn first made the promise that crossplay was going to be making its way over into Apex Legends back in June, but news has been mum since then. Today, the studio announced that the Apex crossplay beta is set to go live on October 6 and will include Origin, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 players.

For those that are worried about the blending of console and PC players, especially in terms of hacks that predominately take over the PC community; don’t be. The default setting when this goes live will continue to separate PC and console players. The crossplay will only be enabled between those platforms should the player choose it in the game’s menu.

Another means to control hacking damage and discomfort is that the crossplay feature will only work with console players going into PC matches, not the other way around. Since console players are usually the ones that tend to rally against crossplay in shooters due to bots and the basic mechanics of mouse and keyboard, this will allow Xbox and PlayStation fans to make the conscious decision to join a PC match, without allowing PC players to join in on a predominately console player match.

With Apex Legends coming to Steam later this year, Respawn promises that the crossplay will encapsulate that platform as well, though at a later date.

Don’t want to mess with any of it? Simply keep crossplay disabled, you’re all good.

Apex Legends is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin on PC.