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Andre Marhold’s Baby’s Mother Cries Over Bullying From The Public And Says Jeffree Star Contacted Her After Theft Claims

Basketball player Andre Marhold definitely got critics talking when he popped up on Jeffree Star’s feed after he came under fire for his racist actions in the past which resulted in him being dropped from Morphe. The fling ended in the most predictable way possible — by Andre claiming that he was getting paid to pretend to be Jeffree’s boyfriend.

To make things even more interesting, Star took to Instagram in a post-and-delete where he reveals that he got played by the athlete. He even went as far as to say Andre stole from him.

Marhold has allegedly been posting from his backup account denying the theft claims and has made a Youtube where he promised to spill the tea once he got to 100,000 subscribers.

In the meantime, it seems like he’s left his baby’s mother in the dark.

Known as Leezy, in the midst of Andre’s rendezvous with the Youtuber, she revealed that she has a young infant with the basketballer who told her he was going on a ‘work trip’ before he went to California to stay with Jeffree.

She explained to Life and Style: ‘It [was] just humiliating for me because my family called me, my friend from France called me. Everybody was blowing up my phone, so I couldn’t [go on] my phone. I trusted him because he said he was going there for work. Then, you know, I tried to communicate with him, but it was just like hard to. So, from this day until now, we’ve had, like, no communication.’

Now that everything has blown up, she has also been feeling the heat from the situation.

She took to her Instagram Stories where she was heard crying accompanied by messages that read every day is a nightmare for her. She went on to say that she’s been publicly humiliated and she didn’t deserve it.

Leezy added: ‘I’ve been a spectator the whole time. Y’all like making drama, create things that don’t even exist to impress people make money of it & let ppl watching your bs but don’t care how this affected my mental health and my Life.’

Hopefully, Leezy will be able to find some peace and peacefully co-parent with Andre.